Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Oilpatch Democrats Energy Caucus

This caucus was held at the Texas Democratic Party Convention in Dallas, Texas, on 27 June, 2014.

The caucus, which ran from 1 PM until 2:30 PM on 27 June, was SRO (standing room only) for much of the caucus.  Unfortunately, Alyssa Burgin of Texas Drought Project had an accident and was unable to attend.  But the remaining panelists kept the crowd attentive and engaged.  OPD’s James Cargas, who is a candidate for U.S. Congress 7th District, moderated the caucus and gave the initial presentation on the current status of the nation’s energy policy… or lack thereof.  Sharon Wilson of EarthWorks, presented a scathing criticism of fracking and natural gas production but, after some discussion, admitted she was not totally opposed to natural gas production as long as total costs of production and subsequent environmental and property damages were accounted for and injured parties made whole.  Jim Rine discussed implications of energy production and global warming and some possible steps to slow CO2 emissions.  Between presentations, current office holders and candidates stated their cases.  Notable attendees were Pete Van de Putte representing his wife Leticia, who is running for Lt. Governor; US Congressman Gene Greene; candidate for RR Commissioner, Steve Brown; and Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston.  Proof that the caucus was well-received is that many attendees made comments.

Copies of the Cargas & Rine presentations are available in Dropbox ( or on our Facebook page.

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